Kojami Advocates the Cost of Freedom Project

The Cost of Freedom Project is a brain child of Faye Anderson. It supports media and technological innovation in order to protect everyone’s right to vote. Kojami advocates this project and encourages every vigilant citizen to do the same too.

The Cost of Freedom Project incorporates social media, technology, and various other methods in order to promote the freedom to vote. With the requirement to present government IDs, minority groups are either prevented from being able to vote or are discouraged to even bother completing the registration process.

Updates to this project can be read through the campaign’s Facebook page - Facebook.com/CostofFreedom and various other associated sites. The progress of the cause including its projects will be posted along with other advocacies related to preserving the right to vote without being subdued by subtle discrimination.

One of such projects includes the Cost of Freedom App 2.0. The prototype of the app is developed at the Hackathon for Social Good and was showcased for demo during a recently concluded Washington D.C. panel discussion about voter’s ID and what social media causes can do about it. The app aims to promote a unified and simplified voting identification without the limitation brought about by ID verification and presentation requirement. The app is scheduled for release on April 4, 2012 – in time to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and his service to national freedom.

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