Mobile Marketing and Events are a Perfect Match with Kojami

Every decade or so something comes along that changes the way we fundamentally do finds. We believe when it comes to mobile marketing and events Kojami is that new frontier that is guaranteed to change everything!

Kojami specifically focused on creating a solution that naturally merges events and mobile marketing in a way that makes sense.

Here’s how:

Mobile Word of Mouth

Planning and organizing your event (whether it’s a party or meeting) has never been easier with the integration of mobile marketing. The latter enables attendees to discover about your event and share it with everyone they know. Sharing is possible through SMS, email, and social networking sites via the concept we call mobile word of mouth.

How Event Mobile Marketing Works

Pre-registered Kojami users with the application already downloaded and installed upon their smart phones, tablet PCs, and other devices are informed about events within the proximity of their location or range of interest. They, in turn can share information about the event with everyone who may be interested with it too.

For an event organizer, host, or sponsors – mobile marketing makes their job easier. They won’t have to waste your time, energy, and resources looking for attendees and can have these diverted into something of more importance such as preparation for the actual event itself.

Kojami makes your event successful through mobile marketing, and this just the beginning, stayed tuned. Take advantage of this new concept and technology for your event now!

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