Kojami – The New Mobile Word of Mouth!

Kojami, an innovative events management, organizing, and marketing product can be considered the new mobile word of mouth.


Image: tungphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What’s Mobile Word of Mouth?

Kojami’s focuses on harnessing power and effectiveness word of mouth as we used to know. While word of mouth is limited to conveying messages to everyone you know manually, mobile word of mouth on the other hand improves it through technological advancements. We choose a medium, much like the ability to speak, these days practically everyone has a mobile device with them at all times.

Your event details can be embedded within QR Codes, SMS, social networks, your website, and more. With the end result all leading to attendees having the ability pull all information into a mobile devices, attendees can return at any time to review event details.

This makes your event more accessible to potential attendees particularly everyone who owns web-enabled mobile device. Mobile word of mouth empowers event promotion and marketing beyond your own limited network of people. Take advantage of the mobile word of mouth 2.0 through Kojami and make your event its best!

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