Microsoft Tags vs. QR Code : The Battle Begins #eventTips

QR codes and tags have completely changed the way people interact with offline sources of marketing, like magazines, newspapers, etc. QR stands for Quick Response and literally refers to the capacity of QR codes to enable quicker responses in mobile marketing or advertising, banking or finance, payments, ticketing, sales, education or reference, and any purpose it is used for.

Microsoft Tag, the greatest rival yet for QR codes are able to function in a similar fashion. Both can be scanned by powered devices at an acceptable speed. As for differences, Microsoft Tags are more prominent in the print publications world but QR codes are still easily recognized because they’ve been around longer. When it comes to scanning, the Tag claims to be scanned faster than QR codes. QR codes are completely free and charge only for premium services. Microsoft Tags are also currently offered free including the reader. You can create and read Tags free of charge.

More important aspects when it comes to the differences between the two include customization and sources. Custom colors, logos, and designs can be incorporated with Microsoft Tags while it is still not possible with QR codes. As for the sources, QR codes are open sourced while Microsoft Tags are closed. The former means that it can be designed by any company. The latter, like all other Microsoft products, are limited for exclusive rights within Microsoft alone.

The Final Verdict

No concrete study have solidified the fact that Tags respond faster to scanning from 2D b bar code enabled mobile devices but any user can tell the difference. Microsoft Tags allows full customization as well. You can change font, colors, and even use a custom logo like your company design. QR codes are unable to provide such yet and are limited to basic black and white codes.

As for the issue of platform sources, being open sourced is only beneficial to QR code providers but not for the consuming public. Open sourced tags are more susceptible to the risk of hijacked codes and data, most especially if incompetent QR code companies manufacture them. Microsoft Tags, despite being closed sourced, greatly benefits consumers as well as businesses utilizing this type of mobile marketing option in terms of data security.

The final verdict – Microsoft Tags clearly dominates QR codes in terms of security, customization, respond rate, and more.

Kojami currently supports both but has a preference toward Microsoft Tags!

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